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These Economic Conditions Create Opportunity.  Are you in the market to buy/sell Restaurants?  Please call or email now for a no obligation proposal to include your restaurant in this next important real estate event.

Restaurant Owners, Franchisors, Franchisees, Lessors, Lenders

Experienced JDA professionals are poised to help you quickly get any of your capital, which is currently in “under” or “non”-performing assets, back into your portfolio where you can achieve your highest return on invested capital. What is costing you money now (cost of capital, and carrying costs including but not limited to, maintenance, utilities, property taxes, security, insurance, liability, diminished value) could be making money for you elsewhere in your portfolio.

REIT'S, Hedge Funds & Other Institutional Investors

Every real estate portfolio contains properties that do not fit the objectives of the manager or investors. Some may be “legacy” assets left over from a previous market cycle, while others may have been acquired as part of a recent package.  Some of these assets have appreciated in value and may need to be sold in order to take profits. The auction method ensures that each property sells at a fair market price and eliminates a lengthy and costly holding period. At JDA we make it possible for institutions throughout the country to sell such assets. The best part is that we typically get assets sold in a matter of weeks rather than months or years. Our methods are equally suited for individual properties and for entire portfolios. We consistently get results that meet or exceed the expectations of our sellers.

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