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Posted: 8/1/2012
Atlanta real estate auction: Signal of an upturn?
By John Dixon

The statistics on the real estate market continue to improve, but my favorite indicator of where things are going is the number of bidders attracted to our auctions, and the intensity with which they bid. Last week, I was encouraged by both at our auction of a large group of properties in the Atlanta metro area. Here's a press release we did on the auction.


Real estate auction points to improving market 

ATLANTA, GA (Aug. 1, 2012) --  Last week's auction of approximately 40 properties signals an upturn in the real estate market, with a strong group of live and online bidders competing vigorously in an event that brought a total of more than $4 million.

"Things are definitely improving based on the number of bidders seeking to build up their portfolios in anticipation of a strengthening economy," said John Dixon, president of Atlanta-based John Dixon & Associates, which conducted the auction for a major regional bank.

Most of the properties were located in the southern metro Atlanta area, including Fayetteville, Palmetto, Stockbridge and the Peachtree City area.

"It was standing room only, with about 80 bidders in the room and another 70 participating online," said Dixon. "Demand was strong across the board, whether on a restaurant, office buildings, retail or residential home sites. Best of all, we put a lot of properties in the hands of individuals who will be positioned for the better times ahead," said Dixon.

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