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Posted: 5/26/2015
Multi-Seller Auctions Continue to Draw Bidders
By John Dixon
We just came off another week in which we conducted three Multi-Seller auctions in as many days. The important thing to remember is that in many cases, the sellers probably would not have found an auction feasible without joining force with other sellers. The Multi-Seller format provides the "critical mass" to ensure cost-effective marketing and attract bidders.  -- John
Multi-Seller Auctions Continue to Draw Bidders
ATLANTA, Georgia (May 26, 2015) – Approximately 210 bidders turned out for a series of John Dixon & Associates auctions May 19-21, snapping up dozens of properties for a total of $2.86 million. The company began the series in Tallahassee, then moved on to Brunswick, Georgia, ending at its home offices in Marietta, Georgia.

“Our online buyers played a little bigger role in this group of auctions,” said John Dixon, president of the auction company. “Typically, we’ve had online bidders buying about half the properties offered in our auctions, but last week, the online bidders were more prominent, buying about two-thirds of the properties sold.”

The auctions featured properties from numerous sellers, using the company’s Multi-Seller format.

“The Multi-Seller auctions are continuing to evolve, as both sellers and bidders get more familiar with the concept. Sellers can offer just a few properties or even one, and the marketing cost is prorated. Bidders like them because they sometimes provide a wider variety. We still have some bank-owned properties in the auctions, but there are also some that are being sold by individuals, investors or investment funds,” said Dixon.

The company has already begun making plans for its next Multi-Seller auctions. “We’re getting a lot of inquiries on these. We’ve already been selling real estate from all over the Southeast, but we’re starting to get some from other regions as well, and the format works well for those as well,” said Dixon.

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John Dixon & Associates, based in Atlanta with offices in Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, is one of the nation's largest auctioneers of real estate properties, including land, homes, developments, condominiums, farms and other properties owned by individuals, investors, banks and other institutions.

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