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Posted: 6/6/2017
Auction total nears $9 million in John Dixon Multi-Seller series

ATLANTA, Georgia -- Live and online bidders eager to buy real estate turned out in force and competed eagerly for hundreds of properties recently in a set of auctions that may mark a turning point in real estate auctions, according to John Dixon, president of John Dixon & Associates.

The Atlanta company’s most recent series of auctions topped $8.9 million in a multi-day event that featured hundreds of properties from 48 different sellers, with everything from subdivision lots to office buildings. The auctioneers sold real estate in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland.

The company saw a pickup in demand even on property types that have been challenging to sell in recent years. “For a long time after the crash, there was an oversupply of subdivision lots. But it appears that demand has finally caught up, and as a result you were seeing stronger prices. If that continues, people who have owned these properties for several years may finally decide it’s a good time to let them go,” said Dixon.

The auctions included events in Jacksonville, Florida as well as metro Atlanta. Each event featured live bidding, with bidders taking part both live and online.

“We saw more people wanting to be there in person, but about half the offerings also went to online bidders,” he said. Even as timed online auctions -- with no live bidding -- have grown more popular with many of his colleagues, Dixon believes the live-simulcast format generates more excitement and better results.

“We’ve done online-only auctions, and had some good results. There are situations in which those are a good choice, and we’ll use them sometimes. But it’s hard to argue with the results we’re seeing with our live-simulcast format now,” said Dixon.

The company is currently planning its next series of multi-seller auctions. Institutions, investment firms, individuals and others may visit or call 770-425-1141 for more information on including properties in those.

John Dixon & Associates, based in Atlanta with offices in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, is one of the nation's largest auctioneers of real estate.

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